Based on the acclaimed book and writings by Ken Wilber

Salon interview with Ken Wilber here

“A tremendously moving love story”

~ Publishers Weekly

“two voices, very much in love as they seek to find their way together...

a complex tale, a moving story that opens up many vistas”

~ NYU School of Medicine

courage     fear     hope     awakening

Grace and Grit

A rare book - a love story... masterfully woven

~ Joan Borysenko, PhD



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“Ken Wilber is the most extraordinary mind of our times…

read everything he writes - it will change your life.” 

~ Deepak Chopra

Mena Suvari                Stuart Townsend

Frances Fisher 

Rebekah Graf

Nick Stahl

Lydia Hearst

and  Mariel Hemingway

written & directed by Sebastian Siegel